Great responses to a previous thread on "flow".

Many users brought up some of the differences between skating and skiboarding, etc. and how skating probably won't ever flow like a snow sliding sport. After rethinking my approach to skating, I feel a lot less frustrated.

It has been my experience that embracing the specific feel of each sport is better than trying to "group" different activities together and get a similar feel. When I skate, I embrace skating. Flow means something different in skating that it does in skiboarding or anything else. Flow in skating might mean getting the perfect setup to one trick, or tying a line together across the park. Flow in biking might mean nailing a drop or rock garden smoothly while keeping up your speed, getting a perfect cadence, or floating a jump with a smooth landing. Flow in skiboarding might mean bouncing smoothly through moguls, floating through trees, or nailing a clean line in the park.

Conversely, the mechanical similarities between sports do carry over nicely. Skating has a very similar feel to skiboarding, so going between the two allows for continuous improvement. The upright stance, the even edge pressure, the way of leaning into turns. There are even some similarities between skiboarding, skating, and mountain biking, with the front-facing stance, weight management between the pedals, the initiation of turns with leaning.

It seems that the best way to experience "flow" is to embrace the uniqueness of each individual sport, while also enjoying the similarities between different hobbies and constantly improving.

Just some food for thought!