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    For quite a number of years , I have inline skated the local bike trails using rubber tipped cross country ski poles. I enjoy it and think it feels similar to cross country skate skiing , my wife thinks it a little geeky for me to be skating with poles and keeps wanting me to ditch it ... but often I get comments like "hey dude too bad there is no snow"! I have been somewhat embarassed to admit this use of poles with inline skates here ... kind of how I am somewhat embarassed to pull out poles with skiboards ... And especially in the company of all you young dudes doing those amazing tricks on your skates... but turning 60 this year .. means I am an old codger and can be now given lee way to look un cool !! LoL... little did I realize that my use of inline has now become cool !! got to show these vids to my wife so doesn't keep trying to take my skate poles to Goodwill !
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    Haha, never feel bad for reppin' your own style. We all have different ways of doing things and i have seen people poleing on inlines. it looks kind of fun can't say i've boarded with poles before other than an extendable one to film with but it's all good as long as you're enjoying it
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      It looks really fun. I actually live 5 minutes away from where they were in the first video. Weird.


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        It looks like a great workout, I never felt comfortable with poles skiing. I know I wouldn't on skates either. I say if you want to use poles, more power to you. I was actually out on inline skates this past weekend, the first time in ten or so years. I've been using quadlines ( see vid for example) the past few years, but I thought I would give inline another try. I wasn't nearly as stable as I used to be, but hopefully some practice will take care of that.

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