Just got myself a 2009-2010 era Hagan Offlimits from a UK seller for about US$65! i only have a ski background but owing to disabled lower legs ( non-functioning calves and one leg also with nonfunctioning anterior tibialis) and sucky fore-aft control; I'm experimenting with shorter skis (read: easy-to-turn) to see if the small turn radius, lighter swing weight and easier turn initiation is worth the tradeoffs ( squirrelly feel, trickier balance at times). I've read virtually all the older reviews of these (133cm, 130-90-110 ) boards by Jack Jue and Wendell Jeong, Macrophotog and many more. Thinking of getting a mounting position where the position optimises my current intended use ( 80% frontside 20% powder/offpiste; nice and easy skiing, no aggressive hucking, charging etc ). So if I line up my boot centre with the ski centre; what's the ideal set up for the mounting? I think Wendell mentioned when it was set back 10-12cm from center, it was good in powder and trees but chattery on groomers. Shifting it back about just 4 cm from centre seemed to be the ideal compromise and helped to get more weight (and frontside control) over the tips.. he said in an old SBOL post...Both jack and Wendell were way heavier than me though - I'm 155lbs, 5'8". Ideas, experiences shared most welcome. Thanks