I have to throw a recommendation out there for this quaint little resort. Coffee Mill is suprisignly great. Over 600ft of vertical but the whole operation comes down to one small chalet where they run everything from food to tickets to rentals. There are two chairlifts that service the different peaks. There is a nice balance of steeps and long runs. I was rcordimg my runs on my Garmin watch and clocked one run at about 3/4 of a mile. They have two small parks but they aren't too shabby.

My two favorite parts of this place:
  1. Cheap tickets at only $32 all day.
  2. The location is situated on the bluffs of the Mississippi so the views are great.

If you generally hit locations like Afton or Welch then Coffee Mill will be up your alley. The square acres are less than both of those but the vertical is almost twice the height and generally a little steeper.