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    Attached some photos of the new Bomber elite2's. They seem to be slightly different than the elite2's that most have discussed. It looks like the bails have less flexibility than the older elite2's (due to the solid metal that restricts the rear bail from bending back any further) and I was wondering if anyone could comment on the benefits/downsides. These are my first bomber elite's and I'm trying to decide if I should keep them or return them for something else.

    I have an old pair of dynastar twins I'm looking to get new bindings for, so I was thinking of putting the bombers on those orange twins and a pair of the revel8 receptors (black) on my new summit jade 87s. Any opinions?


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    I have the old Elite2's and those don't really look any different. I never had a problem with the bails because they stayed up for me. But, I have ridden them in a year because I've been on Revel8 Receptors since one of my Bomber Elite2s randomly released on me and flew off a cliff. The different that I have actually preferred with my 2010 Receptors is that they sit lower to the boards so I can feel out more of what I am doing. If you want more of a lift than the Bombers are nice for that. But, may I also recommend Receptors with the lift kit to give that same feel. As far as the Elite 2s, these really don't seem very different and the older Elite2s had a reputation for being "board breakers."
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    Consider replacing the pads and disk on the Bombers with the pads available as a lift kit for the Receptor bindings. You may have to also buy the correct screw length and washers from a local hardware store. If the extra length of the receptor pads bothers you, they are easily trimmed with an exacto knife. The result is a much smoother ride and possibly less risk of board breakage.

    Here is how I set mine up with 3 Receptor pads that I trimmed down to the Bomber binding length. I use 30 mm long screws and one washer, except on my Condors where I use the same screw but with 3 washers since the inserts are shorter.

    BTW: The heel bale stop on your Bombers is a great feature and makes life easier. I wish I had it on my older model Bombers. My solution to preventing my rear bales from falling down when putting my boot into the binding was to place an o-ring on one shoulder screw on each rear bale. The excess o-ring gets cut off when tightening the screw and what remains provides enough resistance to hold the rear bale up.

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    For those that dont have the rear bale stops, another way of holding up the bale is to attach the leash to the bale arm, then use that to hold them up as you clip in. Another tip: if you have the vinyl pads under your bindings, these can stick to the boards, and also cause discoloration to the top sheet. To prevent this, cover the vinyl pads in Duct tape before fitting
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