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Quad burn - is it me or my gear?

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    Originally posted by Wookie View Post
    I had horrible quad burn when I started back up skiing/skiboarding about 7 years ago. There are likely archived posts of me asking the same question as in this post from back then. I was on longer boards (Spruce 120s or 170cm skis) and was in reasonably good shape (ice hockey goalie active in several men's leagues ... at the time). I thought it was everything from my boards, to my boots, to my fitness level but have convinced myself it was none of these .... today I am less fit, wearing the same boots, and ride shorter/stiffer boards and rarely get quad burn or sore legs in general.

    So what was it?

    Fear and rough technique --- When reintroducing myself to snow sports I rode defensively. Always on the brakes. Always checking my speed. Never looking ahead at what the mountain was doing and skiboarding reactively not proactively.

    Now I use turn shape to control speed, not panic "hockey stops". I am more comfortable with higher speeds and I am constantly looking down hill to plan my turns so I am not getting bumped around. I am skiboarding harder but using less energy, hence less quad burn.

    When do I "rarely" get quad burn? When I am riding with a new skier/skiboarder and I am forced to constantly brake or stand stationary while they catch-up or while I am helping with instruction.

    I know it's not great advice to say "relax, ski faster, and use less energy" but consider that this is a phase as you translate your skating skills to skiboarding. That as you get more comfortable on the hill the quad burn will lessen. While you work through this find a hot tub for apres ski soaks to help your quads recover quicker.

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