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Softboot bindings!! How do you choose??

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  • Softboot bindings!! How do you choose??

    I have been riding soft boot bindings on my skimboards for 2 seasons now, but would like to upgrade to the Revel8 3rd strap kit. I am on the hunt for a set of snowboard boot bindings, but have no idea how to choose? Is there anything to really look for? Anything to stay away from? There are so many brands, and a variety of prices, that I get anxiety even thinking about it!! Any help, suggestions, or direction are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Jake, I would imagine any snowboard/soft boot binding would work with the adapter kit as long as it has a one piece back. There are a lot of bindings that have been trimmed and have windowed designed for weight saving purposes. I'd imagine as long as there is something stable to attach the 3rd strap to, you should be good. If you are going to need a riser for them, it's easy enough to cut a piece of HDPE and drill the appropriate holes. That's a cheap and effective option.

    Maybe post the question on the Facebook page (The Skiboard Connection), you may get a few more hits.
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      You really need to find a binding with good lateral stability, which can be hard as snowboard bindings concentrate on fore/aft. Effectively that means you need to look for a good quality product. I would go with the aluminum heel cup over plastic, and look for a wide and tall highback that doesn’t taper too much. Look for well made wide straps with strong ratchets, preferably material, not plastic.

      Remember you are trying to create lateral stiffness, so look for a design that will give you this. Big, strong, well made parts will serve you well. The best test is to go into a store and try to twist the binding from the highback. A cheap plastic binding with thin straps and a short highback will not be good for you.

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