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Tuning the Edges?

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  • Tuning the Edges?

    Boarding on groomers, using them to "ski". do you guys tune/sharpen your edges? The benefits are easier and quicker turns/stopping correct?

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    There are some people here that ride with 0 degree base and side angles (RVL8 boards come stock that way), but personally I always have a 1 degree angle on the side.

    On narrower boards I use a 1 base and 2 side, wider boards 0.5 base and 1.5 side.

    The benefit of a more acute angle (the side being more angled than the base) is greater edge hold when carving. If you like the edges to lock in, a sharper angle is better. Some people like more skidded turns, in which case 0-0 is probably fine.

    As far as sharpening, I routinely sharpen after a few trips/if I see the edges dulling, so only a couple times a season, no too many.

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      More than equipment and even technique, sharpe edges can be the difference between skiing on hardpack with confidence, or sliding out on every turn. I believe a good tune is vital to good skiing.
      Just these, nothing else !


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        I will be making sure that the edges are finely tuned. I made my way over to the black diamonds tonight for the first time EVER and fell in love.