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  • New rider from Germany

    Hey guys
    I am new in this forum. I ride snowblades for a few years but since I tried the park I want get some skiboards cause the blades are not really twin tip and the bindings are also not in the middle.
    Now I am planning on buying some Revel8's but this season they would exceed my budget...the only dealer near Germany is in the CZ Rep. and new Revel8's + bindings + high shipping costs are too much for me as a student :S
    I think I'm going to save money for the next season and order them from abroad.
    So my question is which Revel8's are the best allrounder skiboards (park and alpine)?

    * sry for my english ^^ *

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    Most of them are good all-mountain boards, depending on you weight, height and riding style. Revolts or ktp's if you are heavier, bwps if you are lighter, and don't plan on riding much powder. Of course there are many more options, like condors or dlps/alps.
    Btw I'm fluent in german so if you find it easier to write in german, let me know.
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      i ride snowblades too and i have had the same problem.... but i was looking at either the KTP's or revolts.... those seem like they would have a good transformation from snowblades.


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        Welcome to the forum guys. The Revolts and KTPs are very popular choices. R8 has a wide variety, so there's definitely something for everyone.

        Your size and what you plan to ride can have a lot to do with which board will be right for you. Fill us in on some details and we'll be happy to suggest some options.


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          Originally posted by Fast View Post
          Revolts or ktp's if you are heavier, bwps if you are lighter, and don't plan on riding much powder. .
          I'm a lighter person but I don't understand what bwps means...we haven't enough snow here for riding in the powder ^^

          edit: I'm 175cm tall


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            The Revel8 BWP skiboard is a 98cm board. The 98cm board was previously the pro model for then skiboarder Ben Wannamaker.
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              Hi Baromba,

              You might want to PM brutus69 although I have no idea where in Germany. He has KTPs, Tansho & Bantams. Maybe you can meet up with him, seeing that he is off to Stubai Gletscher sometime in the near future.
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                I just got ALP's and I love them, and I switched from K2 Fatties. I have been skiing all my life, so I am used to something on the longer side, but I am also 6'4, so something shorter might work better for you. Revolts seem pretty popular. I think you'll really like Revel 8 boards!