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Freestyle Skiboarding: Reflecting on 2012, Goals for 2013

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  • Freestyle Skiboarding: Reflecting on 2012, Goals for 2013

    With less than three weeks to go in the year lets take a look at what you were pleased about while reflecting back on 2012 with your freestyle aspect on skiboarding.

    And as you look forward, what are your freestyle goals for 2013?
    I'm a snollerblader.

    Go big or go home.

    "Just keep on doin' it if you love it. If you don't, scram!" - Angel Soto, SFA, 1996

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    After a short, eastern-Pennsylvania season, I turned to rollerblading again during the summer. The exercise is great and with some good tunes I can really get into it. My best friend purchased a freebord a few years ago and I was his filmer, on rollerblades for many many videos. The only thing that I've found like bombing a mountain on skiboards, is bombing a hilly road on rollerblades. (I am gonna try to post a link so some of them soon)
    I only really tried doing freestyle terrain the last three days of my 2012 winter season, but had fun doing it. I've always tried to veer away from "park" features knowing that I would probably hurt myself using them. But those last three days in the parks sure were fun ::devilish smile:: So I proceeded to spend my 2012 summer going off ramps, quarter-pipes, boxes and rails in skate parks, in hopes that it would better my winter freestyle abilities. Well, have riden just two days so far in this early 2013 season, I am pleased ::devilish smile again::
    I have plans to be at the Mt. Creek meeting of the Junk Show and I am excited to see everyone I've meet so far, and to meet new, skiboarding, fun loving people.
    I need to learn all the terms for every maneuver too, so thats kind of a goal.


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      Last year for me was pretty awful. Moving back to PA + awful park + terrible winter + injuries made it short and weak. Really, the only day I got to try anything on real features was the day at Tahoe when Bloom got injured. Other than that, we didn't have a single decent jump here until the last week of my season, where I injured my ankle on a trampoline after riding it one day...

      This year I just want to do and film everything in the air that I have become capable of over the last couple seasons. I haven't really had a chance to get some good filming in since before my shoulder injury, but I've gotten much much better. Learning parkour, I can now do tons of flips on flat ground, and I need to transfer them all to the snow...

      On rails, I honestly haven't done anything "new" in a long time... but I don't consider spinning 630 off a rail fundamentally different than 450... rails its just taking everything more like skating, where subtle differences make things different, where a "plain frontside" doesn't dominate, regardless of how much you spin on/off or add switchups to.