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  • Touring skiboard binding

    Hi any one tried dynafit tec bindings on skiboards for touring?

    I can not see why it should be a problem.

    Regards stuart

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    I think people have tried direct mounting dynafit bindings to skiboards in the past (i.e. screwing directly into the boards, like you would with regular skis)

    I haven't done it personally, but I believe this creates two problems:

    > Skiboards flex a lot. With direct mounted bindings, you either lose the flex (not ideal), or get unwanted pre-release (really not ideal).

    > Skiboards tend to be pretty wide, and need a riser to carve nicely.

    My attempt at a tech-pin setup for Skiboards is HERE in the 'Skiboarding Gear' Section. I'm going a bit weirder, and also trying to use softboots - but the basic tech-pin mount would work just as well with dynafit boots, if they were made to the correct length.


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      I think the dynafit system allows for flex

      Have a look at this I think flex is not a problem

      Regards stuart


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        I'm relaying second hand info - I haven't tried this in person. The only way you'll know for sure is to try it!