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Video-New Year's at Carson Pass

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  • Video-New Year's at Carson Pass

    Best backcountry conditions in years. Gathered up my buddies for a fantastic trip out to the Carson Pass backcounty yesterday to celebrate the new year!
    I was the video guy on Sherpas with the Spruce touring riser system . Jeff M. was on his brand new Spruce Sherpas set back on the back inserts with the new Spruce Riser/Tyrolia AT binding system . He is the guy in the black jacket with blue stripes on the arms . Billy is on Hagan 130s with telemark bindings and is the guy in the red jacket . Rich is also on Hagans with telemark bindings and is in the blue jacket. I shot some pictures and a video of our trip . Why don't you come along ?
    On the trail up to the ridge above Forestdale meadow.

    Nearing the top of the ridge in the Carson Pass high country ...

    My buddies at the top of the ridge before our descent into Forestdale meadow ...

    The open sun exposed south facing slopes into Forestdale meadow have variable snow with some thick challenging snow

    After lunch on the other side of the meadow .. we climb some magic north facing slopes with absolutely perfect undisturbed powder

    Fantastic trip and an all day adventure .. .we were at the trailhead at 900am and reached our car at 600pm completing the last part of the trip in darkness up a snowcovered road . Cold and windy day . Total solitude , we ran into no other folks the entire trip.

    Here is the video .....

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    There is just nothing in the ski world quite like first tracks. So wish I could join you all.
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      I wish I could join you, that looks like an amazing trip.

      I have played sports all my life and competed in martial arts at a high level, so I have always considered myself to be "fit". For some reason I just can't do endurance style activities. Maybe I have too many fast twitch muscle fibers and not enough slow ones? I hiked a lot this summer in the Superstions to try to improve my conditioning, but it was always a struggle for me.

      I admire you guys who take the long way up[emoji108]
      Just these, nothing else !


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        I sure wish I could've been there...probably still many weeks before my leg is healthy enough.
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          Wow, what a wonderful powder day for your group. Thanks for sharing and keeping the dream of a powder day alive for the rest of us.

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            Happy New Year! Looks like a perfect day to kick it off. The skiing down part looked heavenly. The hiking part, not so much

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