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    Any Canadian Skiboarders here?
    From what I know of there was only one other skiboarder that I skiboarded with in Winnipeg.
    how about the rest of canada?
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    YEA! My 98cm skiboards are just as good as your 167 skis.

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    theres a lot

    im from quebec
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      im in ottawa
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        Oh CANADA

        i'm from toronto area, there are a few skiboarders out this way and a few big names at that
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          B.C. All the way... yep, that means I ski whistler. There are a few of us out here, too.
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            I use the Canon H board. I've been to all the major hills in Ontario and several times to Tremblant, Smugglers Notch and Whistler/BlackComb. I never see anybody with Canons or Line, just Salamons or other skinny boards.


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              I'm with you there, whenever I see anyone on the locals they're riding Salomons. I've seen some line Skiboarders on Whistler, partially cause they used to rent Line skiboards. I dunno if they do that anymore tho. Somebody should clue the mountains in to stop buying Salomon for's not like, say, Snowjams would cost more.
              ~How many snowboarders does it take to screw in a lightbulb? 10. 1 to do it, and 9 to say 'I can do that.'~


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                Anybody ordered from the US recently? I really want to get a new M7 or Groove.

                I ordered my H7 from and remember being hit with a hefty brokage fee and taxes.. it made things very expensive.

                ASAIK no body sells Canons and Goove in Canada.


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                  It's UPS and the Canadian government who charge the high taxes and duties. If you choose "US Express Mail to Canada", from our shopping cart, you won't get hit with those extra charges. In fact, I just removed the "UPS shipping to Canada" option from our shopping cart.



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                    Greco, I think you should remove that option. I went with the default and assumed it was the best way to go.

                    Thanks for the heads up via email.

                    Can't wait to get my Groove boards.


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                      I'm one step ahead of you...i removed it just after i sent you that email.. now SBOL shipping options are a lot easier to figure out and no UPS shipping to Canada!!!




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                        Got my groove board today. Thanks for the quick shipment! It looks beautiful. I can't wait to try it out.

                        I didn't get hit with brokage fee, duty, or taxes. But there was a sticker that says that I might be billed for these later because the value is over $20. Did anybody ever get billed for duty/taxes after the fact? I do remember getting hit by Canada Post almost a year after receiving something I bought from the USA.
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                          you're welcome. enjoy the brinton pro's.



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                            Just got the bill for Duty and taxes.


                            Duty = $25.94
                            Import Processing Fee = $10.37
                            GST on Import = $26.03
                            Provincial Tax (8%) = $29.75
                            GST on Processing Service = $0.73

                            Total Due: $92.82
                            All amounts in Canadian $.

                            So with the $407.97 (converted charged by SkiboardsOnline), my total comes to $500.79 (that's like 20% "tax").

                            How much were the UPS fees? I think it's pretty much thre same.

                            As if Revenue Canada needs any more money form me. Oh well... just got to suck it up and enjoy my new boards I guess.


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                              That hurts brotha, but you know after a day on them, you'll forget all 'bout that bullshit. I learned after many years of shipments that you got to research these things because the bitch taxes can kill you. I once owed like $75 to an American collection company. I just stiffed them and they went away. Not even a mark on my credit. Fuck AMERICAN customs...