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Questions about purchase new skiboards

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  • Questions about purchase new skiboards

    First of all, I would like to say hello to everyone. I am new to this forum.

    Currently I am looking to purchase my very first skiboards. I had couple years of skiing experience. My skill level can be considered as intermediate. I have tried Line Pro 90cm before and love the skiboards experience.

    I am looking to buy Loken Apetorch 97.5cm boards. Will it be too long for me? I am about 5'8" and 175 lbs. Should I go for 90cm but I really like the graphic of Apetorch.

    Also, can I install the bindings myself or I should have some pro shops do it for me?

    One last question, is the skiboards bag big enough to fit skiboards with bindings on or should I remove bindings when store in the bag?

    Thanks million in advance.

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    for your size and experience the apetorches will be a good choice and shouldn't feel too long. i remember when i went from 90 to 99. the first two runs felt a bit different but after that i was happy to have the extra length for speed, carving, landing and powder float.

    we install your bindings for free so no need to worry about that but it's not difficult at all if you wanted to change or remove them later on, just 4 screws.

    as for the bag, you don't have to remove the bindings. everything goes right in. just make sure you dry your edges first with a towel.

    thanks for joining the forum.



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      I guess you saw the message I left you earlier via the site; that's where you get my name. Thanks for reply. I will order it now with a bag and a wax.

      Man... forget about summer, I can't wait for winter now. ;P


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        just ordered


        I just ordered Loken Apetorch with Snowjam Extreme II bindings. I read lots posts about Snowjam Extreme II bindings. It seems to be a good bindings and in-expensive. However, it has screws loosen problem.

        Does the bindings have the same problem with Loken boards? If I apply loctite to the screws, will I have problems next time when I replace a new bindings?

        Thanks for reply my questions.


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          it has nothing to do with the boards so you won't have any issues if you upgrade your bindings. we apply med. loctite to the screws when we install the bindings so no need to worry.