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Lacroix Titanal 99cm skiboards Review, one weekend 2 riders

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  • Lacroix Titanal 99cm skiboards Review, one weekend 2 riders

    I received my new Lacroix 99cm skiboards (with extreme II bindings) last Wednesday (Thanks G for all the help and quick turnaround) Friday Night we headed to Brundage mountain in McCall Idaho for our annual Presidents day ski trip. Over the following 2 days, with the help of my son-in-law (Who is an expert skier) we put the Titanal to the test. My mission was to try these new skiboards in as many situations as possible (Except rails, sorry) and I think we pretty much accomplished that Goal.

    Saturday was my day. Iím 51, 5í10Ē and 175lbs. and in pretty good shape. I ski 5-7 times a year (for 10-12 years) and while I may not be the fastest guy on the mountain I do like to move along at a pretty quick pace. I also have rollerblading experience and was looking for that feel in these skiboards. I was not disappointed the Titanal were much faster than I expected very maneuverable and yet had plenty of stability. While this was my first experience on this quality of skiboards I have ridden snowblades and currently own a pair of Head Big Easyís. The difference in speed and handling on these Titanal 99 was unbelievable. For me the carving was probable the most impressive. When you stay up on the edges like a snowboard (I did a little of that back in the day) it is amazing how much speed you can get and by half way through the day I was doing those big knuckle dragging carves with ease. 360ís, skiing backwards and zipping through those little trails that cut through the trees were all effortless. Very quickly it became obvious to me that the Lacroix Titanal 99ís could handle anything I was ready to dish out so it was time to call in the expert.

    My son-in-law James is in his early thirties, 5í 9Ē 190lbs. he has been skiing since he was 3 years old and usually is the fastest guy on the mountain. On Sunday I bite the bullet and had James us the Lacroix 99ís while I strapped on my 170ís. Jamesís mission was to push these skiboards as hard as possible, and he was more than ready to do it. I asked him to especially focus on jumps and powder. His first attempts at both were actually kind of humorous. I guess I hadnít tighten the binding enough when I adjusted it for his boots so landing his first jump didnít workout so well (but boy was it impressive right up until the crash) and on his first attempt at powder he realized the need to keep his weight back a little more (face Plant). After that he seemed to have everything dialed in, at the end of the day he was quit impressed. He felt that the Lacroix Titanal 99ís worked great all over the mountain had plenty of float for the powder as long as you keep up your speed and were easy to land on the jumps. He did feel his skis might be a little better for big moguls at high speed but other than that heíll be looking to pickup a set of skiboards.

    As for me, going back to those 170 planks on Sunday after such a great day of skiboarding on Saturday just helped me recognize how much more fun the skiboards are. I think the Lacroix Titanal 99ís were one of the best purchases I have ever made. They look great (a very clean but classy look) and seem to give me the ability to go anywhere on the mountain I want to go. I would highly recommend the Lacroix 99ís for riders at all levels. The 170 planks are going in the garage sale.

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    what a great review. i'm sure the guys from will be contacting you.


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      Mmm skiers gone skiboarders... What a beautiful thing.

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        Great and detailed review Rgzip ! Really gives us an idea of what the board is like .. I really enjoyed you were able to get two different riders on it as well ...

        Yeah , Dan , a big time respected ski manufacturer like Lacroix making quality true skiboards , and expert skiers riding skiboards and liking them and ponying up dough to buy them ... perhaps the winds are a changing !!!!!!!
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          Originally posted by Greco
          what a great review. i'm sure the guys from will be contacting you.
          I'm sure we shall, expect a pm some time soon
          you never really don't realize it, you just quit caring...


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            Your son-in-law would love the 110 Lacroix Titanials, I know I do.
            Edward in NYC


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              Excellent review......Makes me feel good about the pair of 99s I purchased. I plan to push these babies too.....


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                Originally posted by airdonut41 View Post
                Mmm skiers gone skiboarders... What a beautiful thing.

                isn't that the main goal in life
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