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Has anyone ever ridden the Dynastar Twins?

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  • Has anyone ever ridden the Dynastar Twins?

    I noticed that they arenít on the Ďavoidí list, and they look pretty good... but I havenít seen anything, negative or positive about them... does anyone have any experience with these?

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    If I remember correctly they are wood core with 4x4 inserts and fairly wide so they are not like the other crappy stuff made by large ski companies. But haven't been in production for more than 15yrs iirc.

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      They were my first pair of boards, and I still use them occasionally when loaning out other gear, or as rock boards.

      They're OK for groomers if the snow's not rock-hard, and have enough surface area for a little bit of float in softer snow. They don't hold up well to aggressive riding in my opinion; I take a lot of random falls on them that don't happen on better boards, when I try to charge double-blacks and moguls and such.

      I moved up to Canon M7s after my first season on them (back in the day) and that was a major improvement; they don't come anywhere close to modern RVL8 boards. The bindings are mostly plastic and make me a bit nervous... a well-ridden pair might be prone to fatigue and breaking.

      Not a bad starting point if you can get a pair for nothing and are new to the sport, but you'll outgrow them quickly.
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        Thank you so much for that input! I am still brand new to this sport and donít know why it took so long to give it a shot... I saw someone on bigfoots in the 90ís on my baker and thought they looked amazing... but still I skied until I switched to snowboarding in 2005... but Iíve been aggressive inline skating for 20 years and always thought about those Bigfootís...

        I already bought some dynastars, but I got two pair for under $200... so I can take the lady... maybe Iíll just pull the trigger on some RVL8ís and keep them to convert over my snowboarding friends. :-)

        Thank you both again for the quick and thorough responses!

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          Sounds like the price was right... good deal! It's always good to have a couple of spare pairs around for friends and family to try, just to get the feel of the sport.

          At least the Twins will buy you some time to figure out what boards you want to buy next, and after getting used to those things, you'll really notice the upgrade.
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            I have a set of 85's I use during the early season, until coverage is sufficient to bring out the big guns.
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              Originally posted by Fedfan View Post
              I have a set of 85's I use during the early season, until coverage is sufficient to bring out the big guns.
              Thatís good to know... I have already pulled the trigger on some RVL8 samurais for my lady and some revolts for myself... but I still wanna use the dynastars as well... and down here in AZ, we have a long period of the insufficient coverage. Haha

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                Yeah, save your good bases for some good snow... My Twins might get a little early-season use this year, but I've got a pair of heavily core-shotted Spliffs I'll probably ride as rock boards, as long as the one edge lasts.

                The last couple of seasons were hard on my equipment, hopefully we'll get a better snowfall this year and I can keep away from the sharks. And hit more cliffs.
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                  i enjoyed the 99cm version of these, although very stiff. old school kind of skiboards
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