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  • Rvl8 first run

    Went today to Mountain Creek, NJ to pick up season passes and to try out my revolts. All I can say is awesome! First time in soft boots and definitely more comfortable.

    I went over to the bunny hill and before I even put my boot in I had one elderly couple really interested and asking a lot of questions. I filled them in the best I could and handed them a card (thank God I remembered to put them in my boot)

    After getting a feel for them I went over to the intermediate and another couple were asking me tons of questions about them on the mini-gondola ride up. Did the same and handed them a card while getting off. They were on my butt the whole ride down.
    By this time I was getting pain in my calves. Guess I really need to break them in.

    After a few mins I tried another trail and learned I really need to lean into a turn a lot more than the old Salomons. By this time I had to run back to make it to the bus stop to pick up the kids.

    Then after at the parking lot a snowboarder was seriously checking out the revolts and same questions. Checking bindings , riser, and wings. He said he never thought would be needed but now understands why. Then said he is most likely placing an order tonight. Gave him my last card and my job was done. Just wish I had more time to do more runs

    I must say thanks again to Greco, and everyone else here for the information I received from the forum. Hopefully I can get some more practice on them and really get into a better form.

    Sorry I didn't get to take a lot of pics but the couple was keeping me busy with questions.

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    Excellent report, good to hear you're enjoying your skiboards, my first pair were also Revolts and like you I was all smiles and it only gets better. Any pain is usually related to posture and such, it will go away once you adapt to your new toys.

    Thumbs up for the advertising, I'm convinced many people would enjoy skiboards, if only they knew they exist...

    Have fun and post back when you get to terms with the Revolts, they are excellent boards and I think you'll like them more and more
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      That's awesome!!! Happy to hear you like the soft boot conversion. Having been a snowboarder in the past I tried it and just couldn't ever adapt, even with soft and stiff boots. I just have to deal with the ski boot walk.