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  • Originally posted by ysb33r View Post
    I too have become much more of a Spruce person than a Revel8. no that I have anything against Greco's boards, it is just that the longer boards seem to suit me better,

    I no longer care about spinning around on boards, riding fakie or trying to break the sound barrier. I just want to have fun going downhill, laying carves on groomers, floating on pow in freeride zones and enjoying the eerie silence being between the trees.
    I do care about spinning around on boards - that's fun - but frankly the design of the Crossbows is such that I'm personally not really gaining much by going shorter. On my recent trip out to Tahoe I took my Crossbows and Raptors, and I was on the Crossbows the whole time except for a couple of runs on DW's Stickys. It was pretty icy in the mornings, and I was actually missing my skis and Jr skis after the Crossbows started to lose their grip on transitions. One thing I've noticed, though, is that the Crossbows seem a little more delicate. I ran over some rocks in back country and did a few runs in the park, and boy the bases and edges really took a beating. I've taken the RVL8 boards through far worse with less damage.


    • Groomers: Center.
      Deep snow: Set back

      My new opionion after experiments today

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