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thinking about geting the Raichle SB 423 Ski Boots

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  • thinking about geting the Raichle SB 423 Ski Boots

    what do you think about them do you think there better then the rail boots

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    they are definitely better. i have the rail boots.



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      about the molding is there any way to do that if i cant find a shop around that cant do it?


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        Molding the ThermoFlex Liner:

        ThermoFlex liners work for the full size AND the half size up (i.e. a liner marked as US Men's 9, works for both 9 AND 9 1/2 sizes)
        You have three choices for molding the ThermoFlex liner.

        1. Use the liner "as is" and let your body heat slowly form the liner (not recommended).
        2. Put a hair dryer in the liner (liner is still in the boot), heat it up for about 10 minutes, put on the boot, wait about 10 minutes for the liner to cool down (still not recommend).
        3. Got to your local ski shop and beg them to help you mold the liner (RECOMMENDED). Six packs always work good for this. This is by far the best method as they will have a proper oven for heating up the liner. And they do this for a living and will take the time to fit you right. Remember, comfort also equals performance. Its hard to make turns when you are gritting your teeth!