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  • Exposing Your Zipper

    Have you noticed the new ski jackets have exposed zippers? A long long time ago zippers used to be exposed. I can remember how remarkable it was when they started putting flaps over zippers to block the wind and what a huge difference it made. Did zipper technology make a leap forward in the last year or so that rendered the flap obsolete?

    I love the front pit zips of this jacket, but the exposed main zipper gives me pause.

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    My old Mountain Hardware soft shell has an exposed zipper but it has a flap to prevent wind on the inside. Looks like this jacket has the same thing. I really liked this feature as it prevented the outside flap from "flapping" in the wind as I skied. The Mtn Hardware jacket zipper really seals tight so I would think you could do without the external storm flap though it could become caked with ice and snow if you ride in wet snow conditions.

    Interesting that the UnderArmor Avery Shell Jacket I bought last season (Out of Stock - to replace my Mountain Hardware shell has the storm flap on the inside and the outside. You need to snap the outer flap or it will "flap around". So far I have been really happy with the UA Jacket but partly because I got a good deal on it. I was worried this jacket would not be warm enough but was really happy with it. I think the "Infrared" lining actually does reflect heat. The jacket is comfortable in everything from spring conditions to the polar vortex. The jacket is cut generously to allow for layers when needed and very comfy. The UA jacket you reference is a bit spendy for me, maybe something for me to look at as an end of season closeout upgrade. I like the color.
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      My "real" ski jackets have inner and outer front zipper flaps, but my soft shell hoodies only have the inner. I do think zippers have improved over the years with new materials and tighter seals.

      What really bugs me is Velcro closures on ski pant pockets.
      Just these, nothing else !


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        Originally posted by Bad Wolf View Post
        What really bugs me is Velcro closures on ski pant pockets.
        It might help if you quit going commando!

        I can't remember ever having a problem with an outer flap flapping. Then again that could be because I don't ski very fast.

        It is good to hear that zippers have improved.

        That jacket in the video is pricey. It'll be half that much next year. I sure would like to try using those front style pit zips.


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          YKK, the japanese company that makes pretty much almost all zippers in the world has many water and weather proof zippers. Here is the kind of zipper i have on my Arson jacket. I,ve never felt a breeze or water come thru. Not super new technology, my jacket is about 8 years old.

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            That's a pretty cool zipper you've exposed there. I've never seen a one that intentionally had material pass through the zip pull.