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Best Purchase Used This Season?

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  • Best Purchase Used This Season?

    What did you buy during this last year that was surprisingly good/useful during this years ski season?

    My best buy was a pair of Scott goggles that I picked up cheap-cheap last year on Level 9 that has a 2 speed fan. These things rock! I never had a fogging problem this year, not once.

    I'm trying to figure out how to tape a small pc fan onto my prescription glasses to wear this summer. I'll probably have to use some of that white bandage tape to get it to stick.

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    Best Purchase Used This Season?

    I bought two right KTPs in Greco's clear out sale for $100. I thought they would be too much board for me, but they have ended up becoming my go to boards this season. Great deal!

    Just these, nothing else !


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      My best purchase this season was a 4 day pass to hit Alta, Solitude, Brighton and Snowbird for Westfest


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        1. Mountain Collective pass
        2. Sport Tubes


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          Lift tickets. Regardless of gear I can't enjoy ski boarding if I'm not ski boarding! Just being able to purchase tickets can be a luxury when your bigger mountains hit 95$ a day!

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            1. 5'11 x 19 1/2" x 2 7/16" Coil Widerboard surfboard w/twinzer fin setup (i haven't slid down frozen water in several seasons, but i felt the need to participate)

            2. new Head Ethan Too 151cms for $200 just arrived. hoping to slap some bindings on and try this spring at Mammoth. (i know the thread title said "used", but...)
            Spruce 120s!!!
            Extreme II bindings w/ Rossignol Soft Light 1 boots; snowboard bindings w/ "strut" garage riser and boa snowboard boots; Spruce composite risers/C609 bindings
            Snowjam 75s for da kids; Summit 85s for kids' friends and the occasional odd experiment


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              I wasn't sure if that meant the item you bought was used. Or best purchased you used this season.

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                This season, like every season, I spent a small fortune on new gear. My latest best buy has been the pair of Salomon boots listed in my signature. They are so comfy and have worked great the two times that I have worn them.

                2013 Spruce Sherpas w/Tyrolia Peak 11s
                2015 RVL8 Blunt XLs w/Tyrolia Attack 13s
                2018 Spruce Crossbows w/Tyrolia Peak 11s
                2017 RVL8 Sticky Icky Ickys w/Tyrolia SX 10s

                Salomon X-Pro 80

                Past boards: Salomon Snowblades, Line MNPs 89 & 98 cm, Five-Os, Bullets, Jedis, Spruce 120s, LE 125s, Ospreys
                Summit 110s, Nomads, Jades, RVL8 ALPs, BWPs, KTPs, Tanshos, Rockets, DLPs, Blunts, Condors, RCs, Revolts, Spliffs


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                  Epic local pass - Made it out to all the Vail resorts....well not quite all, but the western ones that count.
                  Boards: 15 Blunt XL / 13 Slapdash
                  Bindings: Bomber 2 Elite / Zero Pro
                  Boots: Atomic Hawx 2.0 100


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                    I'll second Shortydude's Scott goggles with the fan. We both picked up a pair this year, and they were the answer to our fogging frustrations!

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                    '07 "soft" ALPs
                    Eyeball DLPs
                    125 LEs
                    Ospreys mounted bindings
                    Spruce riser release bindings
                    Sometimes borrower of Chad's spare Blunt XLs


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                      Cabin Max backpack. Airline carry on legal and takes my boots, just! Inexpensive and feature rich. Now I am sure the airline can't lose my boots etc.
                      Crossbow (go to dream board)
                      Most everything else over time.
                      Go Android


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                        Too much to list, but here are just a few in order of impact on my season:

                        Trip to ShredFest
                        Trip to Utah
                        Used RC's from Sempai
                        Head Ethan Too (demo'ed this season and 2016-17 models forthcoming)
                        Used Spruce 120's from ChaseMe and Quattrofan
                        Head Caddy Jr's from Spruce
                        Atomic Overload Reactor boots
                        Sole heat moldable inserts for above boots (wow - what a difference they make)
                        Boards / Skis
                        RVL8 - Blunt XL 100
                        Spruce - Crossbow 115
                        Head - Ethan Too 141 & 151, SuperShape i.Titan 156
                        Armada - Triple J 155
                        Faction - Candide 2.0 166
                        (previous: RVL8 - Revolt, KTP, DLP, Blunt, Rockered Condor, and BWP. Spruce - 120 and Osprey. Head Salamander 94, Caddy 131 & 151, and Ethan Too 161. Atomic - 1:20, Access 151, and Punx III 140. Summit Invertigo, Hagan OffLimit)
                        Tyrolia PRD 12, Spruce Pro Risers w/ Tyrolia Attack 13
                        Atomic Overload Reactor 100


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                          Originally posted by Bad Wolf View Post
                          I bought two right KTPs in Greco's clear out sale for $100. I thought they would be too much board for me, but they have ended up becoming my go to boards this season. Great deal!
                          BW are those Apex boots?


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                            Best Purchase Used This Season?

                            Originally posted by shortydude View Post
                            BW are those Apex boots?
                            Head Cubes.

                            Still not as comfortable as my snowboard boots are, but the best boot I've tried so far.
                            Just these, nothing else !


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                              A $50 couch off of craigslist which looks brand new and was extremely comfortable after a half day of skiing bellayre mtn.


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