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I'm back! Any New York City riders?

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  • I'm back! Any New York City riders?

    It feels like forever ago since I last strapped into a pair of skiboards, and even longer since I have posted on these forums. Wow!

    Since the last time I was around these forums, I have moved to New York City and loving every second of it. The itch is back though. I do not think I will be skiboarding nearly as much as I was, but I certainly need to strap in again several times this season.

    The point I am driving at is, are there any other skiboarders out here in New York City? Where do you guys ride? I certainly plan to get back to some of my favorite mountains with some of my favorite skiboarders this year, but would love to meet up with any new riders out in the city.
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    Iím from NYC as well. I do Mt Peter for night riding or Hunter/bellyear. If you want to go let me know.