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  • New Zealand Skiing

    Has anyone skiboarded the south island of New Zealand? We're looking to go in August, I've been reading about the ski fields around Wanaka and Queenstown.

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    Went last year in early Sept to Treble cone near Wanaka. Unfortunately it was a very poor season and coverage was pretty minimal - Treble cone with its higher elevation at least had a little bit of decent snow left, compared to some of the other hills in the area. The season was so bad that some of the hills in the northern part near Christchurch never opened for the season due to lack of snow!
    Stayed in a campervan right by the lake in a RV park about halfway between the hill and the town of Wanaka - the spectacular views more than made up for the very average skiing.


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      I'm looking into going in August, sounds like this last season in the U.S., no guarantee of a good season.


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        Great picture by the way. Thanks.


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          A buddy of mine will be heading down that way early august for a splitboard trip. If I can manage to get the time off I will join... highly doubtful though, august is peak season for work for me.