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Shredfest 2020 - South Lake Tahoe

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  • Shredfest 2020 - South Lake Tahoe

    The PRELIMINARY Schedule for Shredfest 2020:

    1. Official Shredfest activities are shaded green.

    1. Please monitor this thread for updates.
    2. Last minute changes will be communicated at the event so keep in touch with Jack and Wendell at the end of each day.
    3. If you have not done so already, PM me (slow) to get on the contact list. (Exceptions are Team RVL8 and associates.)
    4. When you PM me to get on the contact list, please include your real name, names of those that are accompanying you, your email address and a cell phone number if you will have a cell phone while in Tahoe.

    NOTE: The Meet & Greet & Meet & Bye addresses will be emailed to confirmed participants only. Therefore if you plan on attending and have not done so already, please PM me your contact information.

    Osprey, Sherpa, Custom Coda 120WT, Custom DS110, Condor (Green), Spliff

    Custom Twist Out duck foot bindings, Bombers (custom duck foot base plate and 3 pads), releasable S810ti on custom duck foot riser

    Nordica N3 NXT ski boots (best so far)

    Wife: 104 SII & 100 Blunt XL with S810ti bindings on custom "adjustable duck foot" risers

    Loaners: 125LE, 105 EMP, 101 KTP, 100 Blunt XL, 98 Slapdash, 88 Blunts

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    I like that we stay , for the most part, in one section of Tahoe.
    All though I donít see a use for my iKon I can use it in the pre day on Monday before and maybe Saturday and Sunday in mammoth

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