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    Sounds good. Just landed. Might stop at Levelnine before hotel.

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      Originally posted by kyu View Post
      You may need to adjust your plan...All the Sweet Tomatoes in Utah have gone out of business. I can recommend a pretty good (best I've had in Utah) Vegan place but it is in SLC. If you stop way in it won't add much to your drive. Cafe Oasis on 151south 500 west.
      That really sucks!

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        Saturday listed twice?

        Originally posted by Bad Wolf View Post

        Tracey and I will try to be at each location by 8:30 for the lifts opening at 9:00. I know that sounds a little early, but we like to take our time getting ready. Any time after 8:30 should be fine.

        If anyone wants my cell just PM me.

        Here are the locations;

        Friday the 27th will be Snowbird. There is an outdoor plaza at the top of the main building where the tram is located. The ticket offices are also there. You enter the building at the parking lot level and have to walk up about three flights of shops to get there. I think there is also an elevator. It's a nice open area to see folks and meet up. We will start the day on the tram, then head over to the glades off the Gad lifts.

        Saturday the 28th is Solitude There is only one entrance. The ticket office is on the parking level along with a changing room and restrooms. In between the buildings are steps that lead up to the main area. We will meet by the ski racks right outside of the restaurant. Again, this is a nice open area to see and meet people. We usually take the Moonbeam Express up first.

        Saturday the 29th is Brighton There are two base areas here, we want the main one that the bus stops at. The restrooms and ticket office are located on the parking level. There is a restaurant at the top of the hill, we will meet outside of that. We will be taking Majestic up first to warm up, then the Crest Express to hit Wren Hollow. We usually end up searching for powder in the trees off the Snake Creek Express.

        Sunday the 30th is Alta There are two bases locations here. We want the first one you come to when taking the bus or driving up. It is known as the Wildcat Base. The meeting place is outside the restaurant called The Goldminer's Daughter. There are restrooms are located in the restaurant building and the ticket office is directly opposite. We start by taking up the Collins lift up, down to Wildcat and then explore from there.
        Saturday is Solitude? Correct?

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          Originally posted by rickylink View Post
          Saturday is Solitude? Correct?


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            Hey All,

            I just bought tickets from Liftopia for Saturday at Solitude today for $69.00. There was a limited supply. Hopefully there are some left.
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              Rickylink >>)))>

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                Thank you. See you tomorrow.

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                  Sorry, I corrected the original post. Just to confirm;

                  Friday Snowbird

                  Saturday Solitude

                  Sunday Brighton

                  Monday Alta
                  Just these, nothing else !


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                    Even the porcupines came to Westfest this year[emoji3]

                    Just these, nothing else !


                    • Once again, Westfest was a blast!

                      I had an epic warm up day with Russ at Park City. Weather changed from snowy to sunny, back to snowy a few times. This was by far the deepest powder we found.

                      Westfest officially kicked off at Snowbird with plenty of fresh snow tucked away in the trees.

                      At the top of Snowbird we found the most adorable porcupines ever.

                      Check out the video too!

                      Next we headed to Solitude in search of dragons.

                      The views and trees at Brighton are hard to beat.

                      We wrapped up Westfest with the final four at Alta.

                      Thanks for another epic adventure!


                      • Great photos Courtney!
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                        • Not technically Westfest, but I had to be sure everyone saw what they missed out on by not joining us a day earlier

                          Russ (kyu) rips hard - he was leaving me in the dust! This was by far the best snow I found all week.


                          • Awesome pics and vids Courtney. I'm sure it helps to encourage others to make it out on a future WestFest. Sorry to anyone that missed the preWestfest encore. It was pretty great.

                            Also, I don't really rip that hard. Mostly I just had to go fast enough so you wouldn't run me over. Everyone knows it's Courtney that rips hard.
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                            • Bluebird at Snowbird!

                              The first official day of Westfest 2017 kicked off with beautiful blue skies at Snowbird. We were able to find plenty of goodies stashed away in the trees. While trying to avoid rocks at the peak, we found some porcupines hanging out enjoying some tree bark.


                              • Steeps, powder, gulleys, trees and bumps!
                                Just these, nothing else !