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New Terrain - Freeride World Tour at the Horse

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  • New Terrain - Freeride World Tour at the Horse

    Kicking Horse finally opened the long-awaited Ozone area this week, following the Freeride World Tour. They were saving it for the competition, but us mortals get a crack at it now. The hike from the nearest chairlift to the summit at 8218 ft takes about 15 minutes, and is worth it. There's a short (5-7 min) bootpack from the bottom that gets you to some very nice, steep chutes on the north side of the lower ridge, if you want more.

    Ozone has been that one permanent-closure area that you dream about on your way up the lift for the past two seasons, but now it's fair game. If you want a look at the terrain, check out some of the footage from the competition:

    Top ranking runs:

    The whole shebang:

    I didn't ride it quite like that, but I claim the first (and second) skiboard descent of Ozone, on Spliffs and DLPs.
    Make Skiboarding Sexy Again

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    Great terrain ! and props for getting out there on skiboards ... and props for the first descents on the little boards!
    right on!, yes , "let's make skiboarding sexy again"!!
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