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    My ski club has activities and adventure trips all year round. I just got an email asking for trip ideas for next summer, and thought this might make an interesting SBOL thread.

    Hi All,

    Do you know it has been six years since the Club went on the Grand
    Canyon Rafting Trip? I'm trying to get some feedback on the level of
    interest in another summer adventure trip.

    Would you like to return to the Grand Canyon and repeat the same rafting
    trip with Western River Expeditions? ( Raft in
    another location? There are rafting trips on the Snake, Rogue and Salmon
    Rivers offered by ROW Adventures ( as well as by
    Western River Expeditions.

    Would you like to hike and bicycle in Patagonia? Visit New Zealand's
    fjords and glow-worm caves? See Cuba? Ski in Chile? These are just some
    of the ideas that popped into my head. Tell me what's on your bucket list.

    Please send me an email if you would like a summer trip next year with
    the Club. Let me know where you'd be interested in traveling and what
    type of adventure you'd like.

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    Is there summer skiing in Japan?


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      I would love to summer ski in the Southern Hemisphere some time. Our local ski club runs a week long ski trip to Chile every August but he flight is almost 24 hours long. That's a lot of traveling for a few days skiing. To make a trip like that, or to New Zealand, I think I would like a longer stay, maybe a month. Bring on retirement!
      Just these, nothing else !


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        Originally posted by shortydude View Post
        Is there summer skiing in Japan?

        Sort of...
        Located in the southern end of the Dewa Terrain and known for its overwhelmingly heavy snowfall, Gassan Snow Resort operates from April 10 until mid July.
        Gassan is named after itís moon shape. Literally in the middle of nowhere, the valley collects snow all winter long. You canít even get there until they dig the roads out in April! With a lift that is a kilometer long, you can board/ski the valley some years until August.