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Going big in the park

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  • Going big in the park

    A few years ago I had a really bad shoulder injury that required surgery. I took about two years to fully recover, and I had kind of made a rule that I wouldn't really try to boost it in the parks and just stick to rails and street. Well, I just got new wheels and bearings that are super fast, so I couldn't resist a little taste...

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    Just these, nothing else !


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      2013 Spruce Sherpas w/Tyrolia Peak 11s
      2015 RVL8 Blunt XLs w/Tyrolia Attack 13s
      2018 Spruce Crossbows w/Tyrolia Peak 11s
      2017 RVL8 Sticky Icky Ickys w/Tyrolia SX 10s

      Salomon X-Pro 80

      Past boards: Salomon Snowblades, Line MNPs 89 & 98 cm, Five-Os, Bullets, Jedis, Spruce 120s, LE 125s, Ospreys
      Summit 110s, Nomads, Jades, RVL8 ALPs, BWPs, KTPs, Tanshos, Rockets, DLPs, Blunts, Condors, RCs, Revolts, Spliffs


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        Originally posted by kirk View Post
        ... I had kind of made a rule that I wouldn't really try to boost it in the parks ...
        I'd say that's boostin'

        It looks like you are having a blast! Skate edit dropping sometime soon...?

        That shot is perfect! Looks amazing!


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          Originally posted by krillinakw View Post
          Skate edit dropping sometime soon...?
          Thanks everyone. I've been skating all summer, but only started filming the other day. I'm definitely going to release it in some way. I'm not sure if I'll have enough for a decent skate edit or if I'll merge it w/ some skiboard footy yet...


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            Niccce dude, gettin it. Bad Wolf and I have been skating down here in Arizona on a consistent level as well. While Dave bloom runs 39.24 miles a day.



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              Dave Bloom is basically retired on skates. Once in a blue moon sesh. "The thrill is gone."
              I'm a snollerblader.

              Go big or go home.

              "Just keep on doin' it if you love it. If you don't, scram!" - Angel Soto, SFA, 1996