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  1. That is great news, congratulations! You certainly worked hard for it. Well deserved. I am sure the right permanent position will present itself, be patient. Education is an investment and asset. It will pay off for you soon. All is great for me and I have no reason to complain. BTW: Will you make it to Shredfest III this year? It is a great group of people to meet up with. I hope you can make it.
  2. Hey Slow! Things are going good for me. Took the bar exam in Feb ’10, found out I passed in May, got sworn in mid-June, now just looking for a permanent position doing environmental law. In the meantime doing contract legal work to make ends meet. Plan to go up for my first ski of the season this Monday if my schedule holds good. How are things with you?
  3. Welcome back Matthies. Life treating you well?
  4. Hi Matthies,

    Did you get a chance to ckeck out the sticker store?
  5. Hi Matthies,

    Have not seen you on the forum lately. How is everything going for you?
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